Buying Real Estate at Public Sales and Selling For Profit

Buying land at public sales can be very rewarding and profitable if you get the right property. Tax forfeited land are is every state there is, and they are ready to be sold to the right bidder and the highest bidder. Buyers beware: Buying tax forfeited lands at tax sales isn’t what it was a few years ago. Today there are still many lots available to offer some profit potential.Distressed real estate is always a attractive deal, with a few exceptions. Do your homework with any real estate venture, it will save you money and time. One key factor to understand when buying real estate and tax forfeited lands: Back taxes can exceed potential value, and zoning restrictions may prevent development for profit.Best deal: Vacant land(tax at a low rate) in an undeveloped area targeted for build-up.Always investigate property before buying and with the utmost discretion to avoid alerting competitive bidders. My best way to determine the property value is its usefulness to me. Its not always good to calculate its investment value based on the inflation rate. Money intended for real estate investment might be used more profitably in other ways. Inflation may not affect a particular property because of location or other reasons.The rule of many best selling authors is to always seek advice from a lawyer, my advice….. set a price and stick to it, turn this into a budget project. Best way to make money in real estate or tax forfeited lands: Buy when times are so tough that insurance companies and banks are taking possession of properties they don’t want and are trying to sell them off quickly. The best places to look are regions that have experienced major economic dislocations.